Mental Health First Aid Courses

– I thought the instructor was very engaging and knowledgeable. I like how Tara went through the content in a comprehendible way and the activities supported the subject well. Enjoyed the session and would recommend.

– Really good course, informative, interactive as this was done remotely it worked really well and I think that is down to having a small group of people in attendance. Tara came across passionate in her role and encouraged everyone to share their thoughts and experience. Loved the pre course books I will definitely be using this to refer to if I come across any further situations on my team. The course also gave me reassurances that my support of those with mental health on my team was what would be required and relevant.

– Tara was very knowledgeable and kept the training running very smoothly. I especially liked how Tara addressed every one personally by name this led to an inclusive training session.

– This was one of the best trainings I’ve attended – very informative, interactive and relevant. I believe everyone with line management responsibilities should complete this course.

– Tara was excellent, really positive and helpful – thank you.

Attendees from the Ministry of Justice – Virtual Delivery

– Very engaging. Lovely group with excellent life experiences. Strong course instructor, made the course enjoyable at the same time as serious when talking about sensitive issues. Made me want to increase my knowledge in mental health.

– A really enjoyable course. There was a lot to take in but very doable.

– A very good use of my time. Mental health good and bad is very important to everyone so to be in a better position to keep myself well and be available to others is very useful. Since the course I have been able to speak to 2 colleagues and I believe that I went someway to support them. Thank you

– Insightful and full of facts – feel much more informed and less opinionated about mental health issues

– Tara was really good at explaining the facts and figures and how best to deal with specific situations. It was good we had activities and were able to have open discussions so it didn’t feel we were just talked at.

– The session worked really well and also helped having varying roles from the workplace participating to give varying experiences. The video’s and stats definitely helped to illustrate the growing issues. Tara was personable and made you feel at ease to express your thoughts freely and openly

– Would recommend the course; very informative and good mix of discussion, information, tasks and videos. Some tasks and information a little basic however I recognise that I may have been more confident and informed than others. Trainer very good, kept session interesting, considered our feelings and I felt made us feel comfortable discussing sometimes uncomfortable topics.

Attendees from the Cockburn John Charles Academy

The course and delivery was excellent. It was a very interactive and thought provoking course. Tara is a fantastic trainer who made everyone feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the course. This is one of the best courses if not the best course I’ve ever attended. This was echoed by everyone who attended the course. We will be definitely using Tara for all our mental health training requirements in the future and I would definitely recommend Tara to anyone thinking about doing a mental health course.

Daryl DaySHEQ Manager at Flexitallic UK Ltd

Since attending my MHFA course, a number of situations have arisen both in and out of the workplace which I have felt confident to approach directly as a result of the training I received.
In the workplace we usually find that we have some colleagues with whom we identify as friends, but most are acquaintances or people that we do not know at all.  Generally speaking, it can be easier to have more open and frank discussions with those people we consider to be friends.  The concept of being able to approach or be approached by a ‘stranger’ in the workplace to discuss someone’s state of mental health can seem quite daunting.  MHFA courses provide the tools that you need to enable you to take on this kind of circumstance, enhances your skillset and boosts your confidence in being capable of having such discussions.  I completed my course feeling so much more informed, capable and aware of those in my surroundings.  I have particularly noticed how much more aware of others I feel.
Tara’s longstanding prior experience within the corporate world really benefitted the training.  Firstly, it made me feel assured that Tara understood the environment within which I work and so gave me the confidence that the training was relevant within that environment. Secondly, it enabled Tara to provide specific scenarios/examples for what might or might not work within that environment, which made the training feel directly relatable to me.  Finally, Tara’s delivery of the training was delivered in a manner which appeals to professional businesses – direct, focused and adapted as required throughout the course to respond to those areas of most interest/concern.
My course was very informative and enlightening but could also be emotive and powerful, due to the nature of the topics being covered.  Whilst maintaining her professionalism, Tara also exuded a very inclusive and approachable nature, which made me feel like my contributions and those of every delegate were valid. I very much came away feeling like I had been given a toolkit for both recognising and providing immediate assistance to someone with mental ill health, together with the confidence to put that toolkit into action.  I feel so comfortable talking about mental health since the course and have already put some of the ALGEE techniques to good use.  The concept that there are no elephants in the room when it comes to mental health has really resonated with me and I feel very passionately about spreading that message wider.
I would very much recommend Tara to other firms and I myself will be undertaking further courses, which has the support of my own firm.

Kirsty SmithCorporate Solicitor – Eversheds

The MHFA course I attended, run by Tara, provided an overview of the many different types of mental health illness, the symptoms, and as a Mental Health Champion how we could support our colleagues in a work environment.
With mental health illness on the rise, it is just as important to have mental health champions as it is to have health and safety and physical first Aid in a work environment, and should be a key part of any company’s health and wellbeing strategy.
Tara’s corporate background gives her the understanding and knowledge of how mental health fits into a professional environment, yet she delivers the course with a real sensitivity around the issues being discussed in the knowledge that some of these may very personal to those in attendance or colleagues that those in attendance may know or come across. I would highly recommend her to any organisation.

Sharon SlingerConstructing Rainbows

Having decided to invest in Mental Health First Aid Training, Wrigleys selected Tara Powell to deliver the training.  The two day course was educational, providing case studies and real life examples in to the complexities and challenges people with Mental ill Health face.  Some of the content is powerful and can provoke strong emotions.  Tara was brilliant at judging the pace of delivery but also made sure we covered everything we needed to receive the accreditation.  Tara regularly checked that all the attendees were ok and gave us the opportunity to take time out if we needed it before moving on to the next section.
If you are considering Mental Health First Aid Training for your organisation, I would recommend Tara to be the trainer you partner with.  She has strong emotional intelligence and an ability to instantly connect with people – essential attributes when delivering such impactful training.  All the delegates left the training feeling educated and equipped to support their colleagues with mental health issues.

Linda SimmsWrigleys Solicitors LLP

I highly recommend this course. Tara is an expert and I learned loads of useful information. I feel 10 times more confident in dealing with situations than before. Everyone would benefit from doing the MHFA course.

Liz Lanfear – 5* Facebook Review

This was the only course that I have not wanted to end.  It was informative, thought provoking and interesting all the way through.  Tara was a mine of information and had a very calming approach to an often difficult topic.  The course was interactive and we as a group all learnt from one another.  We had the opportunity to question our ideas around mental health and challenge stereotypes.  I have used my training already in my role and I have approached difficult situations with sound knowledge under my belt.
Thank you so much Tara

Saphron Middleton Broomfield School Leeds

I started looking into Mental Health Awareness and a colleague recommended a session being held at The Works by Inclusive Minds. I attended the free lunchtime workshop delivered by Tara Powell of Inclusive Minds titled It’s ok not to be ok. Tara delivered a very informative session and was very accommodating afterwards answering questions I had. I went away wanting to learn more and I looked into the training further. I made the decision to attend Tara’s 2 day training programme to become a Mental Health First Aider. 
I am so glad I attended the training. Tara was a brilliant facilitator and trainer and although the subjects were very heavy Tara made it feel a safe and friendly environment and the knowledge was very easy to digest and understand. It is clear to see that Tara is very dedicated to her work and really wants to help make a difference.
Not only do I now feel empowered to support my colleagues and those around me I also feel better equipped to help look after myself also. I cannot thank Tara enough for the programme and would definitely recommend everyone attend if you can. Definitely exceptional value for money.

Kimberley Fidler

I recently did the 2 day MHFA course through Inclusive Minds – I learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the course. There is a lot of interesting content to the course, Tara was very thorough and really knew her stuff; at times the course deals with some very sensitive information, Tara made sure she varied the teaching style to suit the content and ensured we were OK throughout. It was great to meet new, like-minded people who were willing to take part in discussions and share their experiences.
Thank you Tara and Inclusive Minds.

Diana Ghirardi

I would just like say a big thank you to Tara Powell for a recent course I attended I learned a lot and Tara’s teaching style was great she made you feel relaxed and at ease thanks Tara would definitely recommend.

Paul HawkesworthGibbs and Dandy

Potentially quite a heavy course but came across full of heart, with very well meaning and practical advice. Twinned with a safe learning environment, Tara helped us weave through sensitive subjects to explore how we can venture forward and make a difference. Course materials were excellent, a good pace to the course with a nice variety of learning methods. Would definitely recommend.

Lesley TweedaleThe Works Recruitment

Bespoke Consultancy & Training

We have recently worked with Tara at Inclusive Minds to design and roll out a company-wide training programme, tailored to all levels of employees within our business. Tara delivered quality seminars, raising awareness of wellbeing to our employees who really valued the time out to think about the importance of mental health in the workplace.
Everybody who attended enhanced their knowledge – which is fantastic!

Sarah Wood UK General Insurance

Great content, very emotive subjects and can have effect on the delegates, however careful consideration was given to cater for those who didn’t wish to take part. there was constant checking on the delegates to ensure we were ok , this was very reassuring. Tara is a natural facilitator and captures the audience of the group extremely well and has great knowledge of e the subjects. I really enjoyed the two days, thank you for helping enrich my learning on the subjects.


I really enjoyed the course and although I have been personally affected by mental health within the family, I felt this course really helped with my understanding of their issues. Tara was very supportive in her training and I felt that whatever was said, it was all taken seriously and listened to. There was plenty of fun involvement also and this I feel helps me to remember more. I definitely feel I have the confidence to talk about mental health in a more positive way. Thank you Tara.


Our instructor was great. She made us all feel very comfortable therefore, I personally found it very easy to participate in discussions and ask questions. I can tell she is extremely passionate about mental health and wellbeing and this inspired me. She was extremely knowledgeable and just a joy to learn from.


The course was excellent. Case studies are always insightful and I would have liked to see videos of examples of mock consultations between Managers and other Managers/Employees perhaps to critique or learn from in terms of methods and giving direction/support. Another way may be the use of role-play in the class where scenarios are given and acted out and then discussed/critiqued. Overall a good day’s training. Thanks very much


The mental health awareness training was exceptionally well delivered and very interactive which allowed the participants to ask questions and discuss issues openly. Tara, our trainer, was very engaging and knowledgeable and covered all topics in great depth. Following the course, I feel much more confident in broaching issues relating to mental health and am more keenly aware of looking for the warning signs of anyone who may be suffering and how best to deal with these.